Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Came here with my besties for B&G Oysters "Big Shellabration" on February 24th. For a restaurant review, click HERE

We were lucky and found the only meter that was 8 am-6 pm. The rest on the block were from 8 am-8 pm.  I took a picture in case we get ticketed since it was 7 pm.

This was their version of salmon tartare as a starter.

The bokchoy that accompanied the Singapore Chilli Crab had a strong fish sauce flavor, I'm not sure if it's suitable for everyone.

The Singapore Chilli Crab.

The Maine lobster roll. (please excuse my bffl's chubby hands, he was hungry =P)

 The fried brussel sprouts (too salty towards the bottom).

 The Butter-poached lobster tail (which BOTH my bffls thought was a dessert plate from far away).

Pictures of My besties/bffls and I (EST 2002).

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