Monday, September 30, 2013

Drunk and Crazy.

9/24/2013 @ 8:24 pm

2 drunk girls in hospital scrubs stole my phone and left the restaurant. My boyfriend attempted to resolve the matter by kindly asking them to head back to the restaurant together. They agreed but on the way back, decided to ignore him and then they headed straight for their vehicle. My boyfriend warned that he would call the police if they attempted to flee, and that's what he did when they got into their car. Fortunately they were intoxicated and got into the wrong vehicle. When they heard the police sirens, they attempted to give back the phone but it was too late by then.

The brunette was in hand cuffs and she smirked in disbelief, "all that for a phone".
"Not just for a phone but because you STOLE it".
(Technology doesn't matter, it's the personal info stored inside the phone that counts)

Got debriefed on the procedure and our night ended around 10ish.


They were both sentenced with 10 hours of community service/volunteer work and I was compensated for them damaging my incase cover.


  1. WTF. What an experience, S! That situation called for wit and swiftness. Not only did you get your phone back, you also had a free front row seat to a comedy show!!! I only hope we can get a laugh out of all our life lessons!

    1. I think looking back, it's ridiculous and surprisingly luck to get my phone back, but it was an epic night. Great for a movie/story lol